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Cloud VR is here.

SimulCaster™, the internet protocol for VR.

At present, VR and AR experiences are either super-simple on mobile devices, or tethered to a high-powered computer or console.

SimulCaster is streaming VR from the Cloud.

With the SimulCaster VR network protocol, developers can create low-latency, high-end immersive experiences, streamed over a mobile data connection.

With the SimulCaster thin client, users can access a world of expansive content instantly.

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Today's VR is limited to high-end computers, or mobile apps with simplified rendering. SimulCaster brings a state-of-the-art experience to all users with a smartphone or mobile headset.

SimulCaster for developers.

  • Deploy high-end VR to low-end headsets.
  • Unlimited scope and scale of virtual environments.
  • Continuous deployment.

SimulCaster for the end user.

  • State of the art quality on mobile devices.
  • No wires or bulky VR headsets.
  • No expensive PC hardware required.
  • No download or loading times.